Rebar Ring Bender - Rebar Ring Bender Model AMR-20 steel bar spiral bender

Rebar Ring Bender Model AMR-20 steel bar spiral bender

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Rebar ring bending Highly practical and well-functioning, designed to be perfect for the large-scaled civil engineering works(such as subway construction, rapid-transit railroad building,bridge buiding etc.)


  1. Fast and easy change of angles with two control knobs attached to preset the bending angles. (Angles controllable from 1° to 360°)

  2. 3.Widely used in the reinforcement processing plants or large construction sites.

  3. Even beginners can use this machine by stepping on the switch to have automatic bending.

  4. The speed of steel bending can be easily changed to the high or low speed.

 The usage of section bending machine , hydraulic profile bender , ring bender
                The profiles bending machine we manufactured is a high efficiency equipment for bending profiles with various specifications, for example, steel bar ,deformed steel bar, round bar can pre bend the end of profiles and bend to round, ring, arc, spiral work piece, once-molding, widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, hydropower, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and steel structure and so on.
Overview of structure
                The profiles bending machine is a three roller arc downward structure. It composed of the machine body, side roller part, auxiliary device, main driving part, sensing device, mold parts, hydraulic parts, and electrical components etc. the machine body adopt plate steel structure, all mechanical parts are installed in the internal and external of machine body, constituting the main mechanical transmission part of machine. The main roller rotation is driven by hydraulic motor. Side rollers were driven by gear through hydraulic motor, to achieve the designed line speed and torque.
                 Electric control system and hydraulic system are two independent parts, through pipes and electric wire connect with mechanical actuator, hydraulic system and electric control system can be put according to drawing, users can also move them to suitable position according to the workshop and technology operation.
                The machine can be equipped with additional device (mold) according to the work piece precision requirement and different profiles.
                The performance of the hydraulic profile bender/ring bending machine
The machine can pre bend the end of profiles, remaining straight edge is less than or equal to two times of the profiles width. All three working rollers are drive roller, and adopt the rolling friction; it is high efficiency, energy saving.
                Main roller rotation is driven by the hydraulic motor through hydraulic system. Two side rollers(left roller and right roller) are driven by a hydraulic cylinders, rotating in arc line around the main roller, its function is profiles bending; moreover hydraulic system drive hydraulic motor, the hydraulic motor drive gear, the gear drive side rollers and chain, the chain drive main roller rotating with side rollers, its function is profiles bending and forming; the supporting roller can be lift up and down, moved forward and back, and rotated, all these movement were driven by hydraulic cylinder, supporting roller’s function is prevent profiles twisting during bending it, ensuring the accuracy of the work piece.

1.The diameter of bent steel can be altered by 250cm. through 15M, So, the round Bending is possible.

2. The steel Bending prcocess can be done to the exact measurement in the round Bending process.

3. It is useful in various public works such as a bridge, a subway, and basic file.



Bending degree

0-360  degree

Min. rebar diameter

13 mm/ length more than 220 mm

Max. rebar diameter

20  mm / length more than 300 mm


3  HP


380 V


700x800x700 mm


226 kg

Package Type: wooden package or can  be adjust for the machine's safety
container Packaging: Wrapped in plastic to protect from getting wet.
Packaging Detail:
1.Before packing ,the machine tools will be testing for 48 hours to ensure all the equipment
is 100% qualitiled.
2.Before loading,Stable, package,professional and skilled loader reduce damage of product
during trasport.
3.After loadingmour professional documentary staff will follow the order till the product departs from the port.
Delivery Detail : 30 DAys
Are you manufacture?
Yes. We are one of leading manufacturers  
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Yes, of course. 

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Rebar Ring Bender - Rebar Ring Bender Model AMR-20 steel bar spiral bender Rebar Ring Bender Model AMR-20 steel bar spiral bender
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